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How are points calculated for user rank?

  • 1 point for daily visit on website
  • 1 point for reply to a topic
  • 1 point for creating a new topic
  • 1 point for spam thread report
  • 1 point for spam post report

One point is on a par with Rs. 0.10 and gained points can be utilized as currency to purchase our products. Minimum 10000 points are required for making any such purchase.



Badges Level - a roadmap to arrive at the final milestone.

Each level gets you a step closer to the expertise intensity!

Case Studies51030100200
Favorites On Post10020060012002500
Visits On Occultmaster3050100100100

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Additional Points5001000200030004000
Numero Report Credits5153050100
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BadgesAbout Badges
Register UserRegister UserCongratulations! You are successfully registered.
Quiz ExpertQuiz ExpertBravo! You have aced the quiz.
Complete a CourseComplete a CourseCongratulations! You have successfully completed an online course.
Complete a LessonComplete a LessonWell done! You have successfully completed one online lesson.
CommentatorCommentatorYou have met the requirement of giving 7 answers a day!
Enthusiast UserEnthusiast UserYou have met the requirement of 150 logins a year!
Favorite QuestionFavorite QuestionCheers! You got 50 responses on threads.
MentorMentorYou have met the requirement of 50 answers!
GhostGhostCongratulations! You have earned 1 point. Keep going!
NewbieNewbieCongratulations! You have earned 96 points. Keep it up!
Basic UserBasic UserCongratulations! You have earned 150 points. Increase your points!
Regular UserRegular UserCongratulations! You have earned 303 points. We want more of you!
MemberMemberCongratulations! You have earned 9001 points. Give a pat on your back!
Senior MemberSenior MemberCongratulations! You have earned 12001 points. Divine Performance!


  • Casual replies such as “Thanks”, “Good Work” or “Appreciate your Work” and alike would not be counted as a compelling reply.
  • Numero report credits are accessible for three months only! After three months, the remaining credits would automatically be removed from your account.
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