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If you have chosen to read this piece of information on chakras then get to know that this feat is not meaningless! Perhaps your destiny moved your attention here because your chakras require healing. So, let’s lead the discussion ahead….. 

Chakra balancing is the most powerful technique meant for aligning your body, mind and soul – three essential elements endorse a healthy life. There are 8 primary chakras present inside the body yet in subtle form. Basically, these chakras are the energy wheels that give purpose to life. Life goes well as long as these chakras are active and whirling fine; otherwise, you may end up confronting several physical diseases, emotional imbalances, mental stress and many other troubles in life.

If life seems disturbed or out of control, this is a clear indication that there is a disturbance in your main energy source/chakras that require healing. In our energy healing course, we correspond to 8 primary chakras. Each chakra has its own attributes, benefits when balanced and harms when imbalanced. Getting familiar with the entire concept of chakras, you could become a self-healer, nay could help others in making improvements in their lives.

Here is a brief on the essential chakras inside the body in the exact series:

  1. The root chakra – This red coloured wheel is located at the base of the spine and deals with survival issues, such as food, and basic comfort. As its name refers, this is the base of all the other chakras through which the energy flows upwards.
  2. Sacral chakra – This chakra is orange in colour and located in the abdomen. It deals with the sexual relationships, friendships, pleasure, and personal wellbeing.
  3. Solar plexus chakra – This wheel is yellow in colour and is located in the upper abdomen. It deals with the energetic state of the physical & emotional body and provides one with the confidence and willpower if balanced.
  4. Heart chakra – This chakra is green in colour and located in the middle of the chest. If in the balanced state, it lets one express the feelings of love and gratitude.
  5. Throat chakra – As indicated by its name, this chakra is located in the throat and is in blue colour. It deals with throat related functions only such as, speech, sound, communication, and singing, etc.
  6. Third eye chakra – This chakra is located on your forehead between your eyebrows. Its colour is indigo blue and it deals with your ability to see beyond the visible or say intuition power, wisdom, imagination, and decisiveness.
  7. Mind chakra – This chakra is transparent and located below the whirl of hair at the top of the head. It deals with youth, good eyesight, clarity, wisdom, inner harmony, emotional balance, and equilibrium.
  8. Crown chakra – This chakra is the final abode and is located 18 inches above the crown of the skull. This chakra is multicoloured or sometimes white. This is the creative center connects you to your higher self.


How to balance the chakras?

A number of techniques are there chakras can be balanced through which. You won’t believe but even a small or routine action you don’t even take notice of could activate your chakras. We will learn all the respective techniques during the chakra balancing course in Dubai.

This branch is tagged along with the inclusive numerology course!

Master in Numerology


– Dates and Venue :

  • 21st Feb – 24th Feb, 2019 (Thursday to Sunday)
  • Location: Hotel Le Meridian, Near Connaught Place, New Delhi
  • Timing: 10 am to 5 pm

– Course Fee & Inclusions

  • Rs. 51000/- for 4 days
  • It incorporates Numerology Course Book, Dowsing Course Tools, Chakra Course Tools, Professional Leatherette Bag, Stationary and Day Food.
  • It is a non-residential course

– Free Add-ons – February 2019 Course (For Limited Time*)

  • Master of Intuitive Dowsing Course
  • Master of Chakra Healing and Activation


Do call Mr. Rahul Kaushl at 769-666-6666 before you book the seat. We prefer to have a word with the students before allowing them to join the course. This formality is to ensure learning quality in the class.

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  • Seats are limited, once booked we cannot accommodate more/late entries. Do not postpone your booking.
  • Students who want to make a partial payment or split the fee amount into 2-3 parts, feel free to Whatsapp/SMS/Message me directly @ 769-6666-666, the best would be offered to you, if possible.
  • Important – we reserve the right to use your videos and images (clicked during the course) on our Website, YouTube Channels, Facebook Groups and Pages for students’ reference or promotional purpose. In case you disagree with this condition, we request you not to apply for the course.
  • The entire course content is copyrighted and owned by the Occult Master. You cannot copy or teach the same concepts. In case we get any such clue about you, we will expose you with no regrets. Hence, if your intentions are wicked, avoid joining this particular course.


Be honest to your teacher & knowledge you imbibe, God will certainly shower the blessing on you!