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Health, happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction and overall well-being are the mutual aspirations of diverse people. We are finding the true contentment roaming here & there making different efforts to find it but all are eventually meeting at single vertex viz. materialism.

Wrong! True pleasure does not lie in materialism.

What is the definition of true pleasure then?

In true manners, pleasure is when we do not need any specific reason to be happy. This becomes promising when your chakras are in a balanced state. You just need to identify, what life is and who you really are. Once you come to know, the life riddle would crack itself.

Life is energy and you are an energy being! This energy flows towards the things you concentrate on the most, be it, money, relationships, health, spirituality, and so on. Being rather powerful and measureless, this universal energy has been reverently absorbed by the chakras in the body. Pregnant with this commanding energy, chakras are called the energy wheels that operate & control the chi (Qi) of life – the breath.

Thousand of chakras are there inside the body, however, in our chakra balancing course in USA we will talk about the power of eight primary chakras viz. the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, mind chakra and the crown chakra. Chakras in the lower part of the body correspond to the material concerns while the upper chakras focus more on spiritual concerns. Our core target is to align three essential elements namely, body, mind and soul by practising chakra balancing. We will discuss these chakras and their attributes in detail during the class.

Working with the chakras requires balance which is as simple as finger snapping. The chakra balancing course provides full guidance on the required exercises, diets, habits, dos & don’ts following which you could balance the chakras yourself. The knowledge makes you a self-healer. In fact, getting into the intense routine of chakra balancing, you could guide/heal your clients in an improved manner. When your chakras are balanced and whirling just finely, you begin to live better, understand better and most significantly predict better.

This branch is tagged along with the inclusive numerology course!

Master in Numerology


– Dates and Venue :

  • 21st Feb – 24th Feb, 2019 (Thursday to Sunday)
  • Location: Hotel Le Meridian, Near Connaught Place, New Delhi
  • Timing: 10 am to 5 pm

– Course Fee & Inclusions

  • Rs. 51000/- for 4 days
  • It incorporates Numerology Course Book, Dowsing Course Tools, Chakra Course Tools, Professional Leatherette Bag, Stationary and Day Food.
  • It is a non-residential course

– Free Add-ons – February 2019 Course (For Limited Time*)

  • Master of Intuitive Dowsing Course
  • Master of Chakra Healing and Activation


Do call Mr. Rahul Kaushl at 769-666-6666 before you book the seat. We prefer to have a word with the students before allowing them to join the course. This formality is to ensure learning quality in the class.

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  • Seats are limited, once booked we cannot accommodate more/late entries. Do not postpone your booking.
  • Students who want to make a partial payment or split the fee amount into 2-3 parts, feel free to Whatsapp/SMS/Message me directly @ 769-6666-666, the best would be offered to you, if possible.
  • Important – we reserve the right to use your videos and images (clicked during the course) on our Website, YouTube Channels, Facebook Groups and Pages for students’ reference or promotional purpose. In case you disagree with this condition, we request you not to apply for the course.
  • The entire course content is copyrighted and owned by the Occult Master. You cannot copy or teach the same concepts. In case we get any such clue about you, we will expose you with no regrets. Hence, if your intentions are wicked, avoid joining this particular course.


Be honest to your teacher & knowledge you imbibe, God will certainly shower the blessing on you!