Intuitive Dowsing Course In Dubai

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Sometimes we used to get the thought of an event, incident, someone’s response, consequences and many other things in advance and when the same happens, it leaves us with jaws open. If it does happen to you, you are quite intuitive. Channelize this innate ability towards intuitive dowsing and make the most of it in order to help yourself as well as others.

Intuitive dowsing is a physical manifestation of your intuition you witness by means of a typical but valuable device called pendulum. A common dilemma about dowsing most of the unknown people live with is, does it really work or is an illusion worth? The straightforward answer is, definitely yes. It does work by bridging the logical and intuitive parts of the mind.

Dowsing can also be comprehended via the example of television antennae or radio transmitter. When you use a pendulum, you actually establish a connection with a frequency that allows you to receive transmissions from the universe on a deeper and more intuitive level beyond the outward state of mind.

Energy flows where attention goes! The moment you combine your concentration and physical touch with the pendulum, it connects with the intuitive, spiritual parts of your brain. This divination technique amplifies your intuition because it translates the deeply subtle aspects of your spiritual mind and intuitive nature into a physical action that is easier to read.

What sort of questions dowsing could answer?

Usually, the dowsing provides answers in terms of yes or no. However, you could ask any sort of question to your pendulum, it could provide you with a lot of useful insights or lead you to your conclusion provided your intent is stronger.

There are certain conditions under which dowsing does not work. The first is when your intent/question is not clear, the second is when you doubt the potential of the pendulum and technique and the third is when your conscious mind rules over the sub-conscious mind. The right dowsing technique will be practically taught during the intuitive dowsing course in Dubai. Once you learn the technique, you are just a little more practice away from the tag of a dowser.

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