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Dowsing is one of the finest & oldest divination forms that intuitively access the information on just about anything, be it your career, love relationships, health, and so on. Intuitive dowsing is the perfect technique to talk to your subconscious mind and find out what is actually going on beneath the surface.

Our brain is divided into two parts: the conscious and subconscious. We only use 10% of our mind, mostly conscious where the actual power and information is stored in the subconscious that occupies about 90% of the brain. It is hard to imagine the wonder our subconscious mind can do if used in an appropriate manner.

The answers come from the subconscious are usually termed as intuition power that proves to be correct most of the times. Sadly, for the most part, we are not taught to follow our intuition due to what we find ourselves in a dilemma of, whether to trust this message coming from the subconscious or not. It also happens when there is a lack of a proper medium to connect to it.

Here is when dowsing technique comes into the limelight. Dowsing is the ultimate medium to communicate with the subconscious mind and assessing the mass of information available in it. Intuitive dowsing is done through a device such as a pendulum. However, it’s not like you will get a pendulum, hold its string between the fingers, ask the question and get the instant answer. No! This is not enough to make the dowsing work for you. Dowser would not answer until you are tuned with your intuition. There is a proper technique you need to learn to get the quick and accurate answers by way of dowsing that will be practically demonstrated during the intuitive dowsing course in USA.

Remember, the quality of life is determined by the quality of decisions you make. Trust your subconscious as it never lies! It already knows the answers to all the questions. You just need to tune into the answers and above all trust it – all the confusions will fade away.

This branch is tagged along with the inclusive numerology course!

Master in Numerology


– Dates and Venue :

  • 21st Feb – 24th Feb, 2019 (Thursday to Sunday)
  • Location: Hotel Le Meridian, Near Connaught Place, New Delhi
  • Timing: 10 am to 5 pm

– Course Fee & Inclusions

  • Rs. 51000/- for 4 days
  • It incorporates Numerology Course Book, Dowsing Course Tools, Chakra Course Tools, Professional Leatherette Bag, Stationary and Day Food.
  • It is a non-residential course

– Free Add-ons – February 2019 Course (For Limited Time*)

  • Master of Intuitive Dowsing Course
  • Master of Chakra Healing and Activation


Do call Mr. Rahul Kaushl at 769-666-6666 before you book the seat. We prefer to have a word with the students before allowing them to join the course. This formality is to ensure learning quality in the class.

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  • Seats are limited, once booked we cannot accommodate more/late entries. Do not postpone your booking.
  • Students who want to make a partial payment or split the fee amount into 2-3 parts, feel free to Whatsapp/SMS/Message me directly @ 769-6666-666, the best would be offered to you, if possible.
  • Important – we reserve the right to use your videos and images (clicked during the course) on our Website, YouTube Channels, Facebook Groups and Pages for students’ reference or promotional purpose. In case you disagree with this condition, we request you not to apply for the course.
  • The entire course content is copyrighted and owned by the Occult Master. You cannot copy or teach the same concepts. In case we get any such clue about you, we will expose you with no regrets. Hence, if your intentions are wicked, avoid joining this particular course.


Be honest to your teacher & knowledge you imbibe, God will certainly shower the blessing on you!