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Master in Numerology

Numerology is a science of numbers. Each number has a story of its own. Numerology is being increasingly taken up by upcoming practitioners owing to the ease & quickness it brings in while making predictions. It also comes in handy at the time when an individual is unaware of his/her time of birth or place or birth.
Numerology requires only the date of birth of an individual and can answers questions varying from

  • Who the person is?
  • What strengths/weaknesses he possess?
  • What could be the most suitable career option?
  • What would be the favorable dates/days/months/year for significant changes in life?
  • and LOT more

Simple addition of numbers in the date of birth leads to all the answers which one seeks. Numerology enables a person to understand what would work for him & what would not.

Everything in the universe vibrates at its own frequency. Numerology aids the individual in matching an individuals frequency to his original frequency to put life in proper order. It does all this by way of name number rectification, account number rectification, car number or colour modifications etc.

In short, Numerology gives you a lot more with less effort & little time involvement.

Course Content (This is only 50% of what we actually Cover in Course)

  • 1. Introduction to numerology

    • Course is based on “Ancient Naad Theory”
  • 2. Systems used worldwide

    • More then 16 systems are used worldwide. BUT we’ll tell you which one really works and how
  • 3. System used by Bollywood and Hollywood

    • Why whole film and Poker industry is Crazy for numbers?
  • 4. Why it is better than Astrology or any other science ?

    • Astrology needs atleast 3 years full day regular course to learn, then you are able to predict whereas in Numero you can do that in 5 mins after 4 days course
  • 5. Numbers & their attributes

    • Numbers are only symbols in different languages .. Real game is behind that
  • 6. Role of D, C, & I Numbers ?

    • Something is popping up in your life again and again .. lets see why and how
  • 7. What are Name numbers ?

    • Transformation of alphabets in sounds and why
  • 8. What is Life Pattern Grid ?

    • Learn how to tell flow of life and strengths and weaknesses of native in 5 minutes.
  • 9. How to do Name correction ?

    • Learn Simple way to correct your name and live happily
  • 10. How to do Business name correction ?

    • It is the primary requirement these days … Get Mastery in It
  • 11. How to do Branding and making Brand color schemes for Corporates ?

    • Every successful company needs new brands every year, learn how to do that
  • 12. Logo and emblem symbol addition in current logo or new ones

    • Learn how to modify logo of a company without changing it much
  • 13. Daily, Monthly, Yearly Predictions and Planning ?

    • Quick way to analyze upcoming time that will help you in required decisions
  • 14. Remedies based on numerology mantra, yantra, vastu, affirmations, metals, gemstones

    • Quick Body, Mind & soul remedies for Fast results
  • 15. How to find out Faulty Directions in house as per Vastu Shastra By Numbers ?

    • Now find out the faulty directions in house with Number Grid, its 1 minute Job now
  • 16. Quick formula to find out these your Lucky things ?

    • These are very small things BUT sold on high price these days .. you will learn in 15 minutes
    • Lucky day, Date, mobile number, house name and number, lucky address, seats in plane or train, hotel room numbers, colors, vehicle number, balancing car colors with seat color modifications.
  • 17. Course Books, Tools, Charts , Kit etc.

    • You need not to write OR bring anything, once you are in we’ll take care of you

The course would be spread over three stages

1. Delivery – The mode of delivery would be classroom training spread over 33+ hours in 4 days. The language of delivery can be decided by all the participants unanimously.

2. Follow-Ups – There would be regular online group meetings for proper discussions on cases handled, success or failure rate met by each & every participant for the benefit of all. It will provide a platform for resolution of doubts if any.

3. Marketing – “Diamond is nothing without marketing so are the consultants”
The marketing aspect would cover

  • Numerology based beautiful Graphic header for your own Facebook page , Twitter, or YouTube
  • 1 article written by you on my own Facebook page & Group that has got 1,00,000 Followers, Followed by your name, phone or address or website link.
  • 30 graphics with content (provided by you) to promote on your pages. We can update on your pages on your behalf if you so desire.
  • Your own Special profile page on www.Occultmaster.com with your own contact details, consultancy details etc..
  • Unlimited postings by you on my FB group that got 12000 members
  • 6 months Free updates on courses
  • Free Repetition* of Numerology course OR life time courses (if you are among Ist 7 participants) *(excluding hotel charges + gst)

Master in Numerology


– Dates and Venue :

  • 21st Feb – 24th Feb, 2019 (Thursday to Sunday)
  • Location: Hotel Le Meridian, Near Connaught Place, New Delhi
  • Timing: 10 am to 5 pm

– Course Fee & Inclusions

  • Rs. 51000/- for 4 days
  • It incorporates Numerology Course Book, Dowsing Course Tools, Chakra Course Tools, Professional Leatherette Bag, Stationary and Day Food.
  • It is a non-residential course

– Free Add-ons – February 2019 Course (For Limited Time*)

  • Master of Intuitive Dowsing Course
  • Master of Chakra Healing and Activation


Do call Mr. Rahul Kaushl at 769-666-6666 before you book the seat. We prefer to have a word with the students before allowing them to join the course. This formality is to ensure learning quality in the class.

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  • Seats are limited, once booked we cannot accommodate more/late entries. Do not postpone your booking.
  • Students who want to make a partial payment or split the fee amount into 2-3 parts, feel free to Whatsapp/SMS/Message me directly @ 769-6666-666, the best would be offered to you, if possible.
  • Important – we reserve the right to use your videos and images (clicked during the course) on our Website, YouTube Channels, Facebook Groups and Pages for students’ reference or promotional purpose. In case you disagree with this condition, we request you not to apply for the course.
  • The entire course content is copyrighted and owned by the Occult Master. You cannot copy or teach the same concepts. In case we get any such clue about you, we will expose you with no regrets. Hence, if your intentions are wicked, avoid joining this particular course.


Be honest to your teacher & knowledge you imbibe, God will certainly shower the blessing on you!