Numerology Course in Delhi

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Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge, nay knowledge itself! Splitting into 9 numbers, numerology has supremely adopted this knowledge of numbers and is being practised worldwide.

In a gentle fight of numerology vs. Astrology, numerology has managed to overtake astrology. Unlike astrology, numerology talks about one’s strengths and possibilities more than proclaiming what is predicted.

With the recent craze of numerology all over, a bunch of people, especially youngsters want to learn this finest skill for a better understanding of life, people, and situations or making numerology a career; the numerology course in Delhi has been planned to satisfy this starvation of such enthusiastic candidates.

Numerology is being used for years for making predictions and assessing the possibilities, reason being, it actually works and yields accurate results most of the times. It is rather interesting, reliable and easy to learn. With the right motivation and a little bit of effort, one could easily master the science of numerology.

Numerology is a metaphysical science focused on the vibrations and meanings of numbers. If notice carefully, you will find that the numerical patterns exist in each and everything in life, be it your birth date, house number, vehicle number, and phone number, etc. Moreover, the alphabets used in your name are assigned with numbers effect of which is apparent on your behaviour, approaches and life. You just need to learn the skill of decoding these numbers.

The numerology curriculum embraces concepts like karmic debt number, expression number, challenge number, compatibility of numbers, personal year number, missing number, and name number, etc. There is a separate formula to derive the absolute number for respective prediction.

The Grandmaster course in Delhi offers guidance on how to calculate numbers using the right formula, how to make predictions with numerology and some unknown/exciting things about the numbers, numerology revolves around which. Post the numerology course, knowing people with the mere date of birth is certainly going to be the task of your left hand.


What after numerology?

The occult is a vast field, numerology is the child branch of which, yet a mandatory step to stand at a certain level in the occult world. If you desire to advance your occult skills, a lot of options are accessible for you after the Numerology course. Though adopting a different approach, each occult branch entails catching and exploiting the energies/frequencies flowing freely in nature. Once you get familiar with the frequencies of number through Numerology, you could step ahead in the Vastu Chakra course – another authentic means of energy exploitation.

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