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Vastu Chakra Course in Delhi in 2021


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  • Fee: Rs. 96,000 Rs. 51,000/-
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  • Time: 10 am to 5 pm
  • Place: New Delhi
  • It’s NON-Residential Course
  • It includes Vastu Chakra Course Book, Vastu Chakra Tool, Vastu Chakra Options book, Stationary Tools, Day Food/Snacks, etc.

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What is Vastu Chakra Course?

Vastu Chakra is the first inclusive course which includes all the aspects and a wide curriculum incorporating, residential Vastu, Commercial Vastu, Geo Anatomy, Vedic Vastu, Numerology Linking, Astrology Linking, Feng Shui Linking, Advance Dowsing, Five Elements (Feng Shui), Five Elements (Vedic), Devta Fields, and S2 Theory.

Additionally, after the Vastu Chakra Course, you will get access to Marketing Material, Social Media Content, Personal Profile Pages on Occult Master, Vastu Chakra Tools, Marma Check Tools, After Course Video Content, and Support Forums.

The course has been designed in a manner that everyone from housewives to professionals can learn Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Course Comparison Chart

Course Content Vastu Chakra Course (OccultMaster) Astro Vastu* Numero Vastu* Advance Vastu*
Residential Vastu
Vastu with Remedies
Commercial Vastu
Geo Anatomy
Vedic Vastu
Numerology Linking
Feng shui Linking
Ayurvedic Linking
Advance Dowsing
Five Element (FEngshui)
Five Element (Vedic)
Devta Fields
S2 Theory
Astrology Linking
Marketing Material
Social Media Content
Personal Profile Pages on Om
Vastu Chakra Tools
Marma Check Tools
After Course Video Content
Support Forums
Aroma Remedies

Vastu Shastra For Residential Property

Residential Vastu

Today, Vastu for a home is considered important by many across the world. Why not? Vastu principles actually bring about significant positive changes in the house, thereby in life. The fundamental is simpler yet vital to comprehend. Vastu Shastra ensures the correct energy flow within the residence for which some certain factors are considered. Vastu mechanics incorporating types of plot, the flow of energy, entrance effects, directions management, placement of rooms, energy fields, colors to be used and items to be placed together build a heaven-like house. All these mechanics are thoroughly taught during the Vastu Shastra course with “facts”. The overall practice helps drawing the natural forces in favor of the dwellers, whereby they enjoy a life of comforts.

Vastu Course Comparison Chart

Course Content Vastu Chakra Course (OccultMaster) Astro Vastu* Numero Vastu* Advance Vastu*
Basic Vastu
Advance Vastu
Vastu of Flats
Vastu of farm Houses
Vastu of rented spaces
Vastu for Western Countries
Free Course Updates in Future

Frequently Asked Questions

Que : Will I become an expert in residential Vastu?

Ans : Of course, yes! The advanced concepts would enable you to plan a residence.

Que : Does Vastu gives guidelines for room sizes?

Ans : Yes! Vastu suggests guidelines for room; for example, the shape of rooms must be square or rectangular and rooms in North & East shall be bigger than rooms in West & South of the house.

Que : Does Vastu offer a best room arrangement?

Ans : Yes! Vastu Chakra offers the best room arrangement plan. It tells you about the results different rooms yield in different directions.

Que : Does Vastu recommend any colour scheme for the house?

Ans : Yes! Vastu pays utmost importance to colours. For example, light & soothing colours are the best & recommended where bright or gaudy colours such as red & black are avoidable. However, objects of bright colours can be placed in respective directions.

Que : Is only a North or East facing house is good?

Ans : No! Each direction has own qualities & results to offer; hence, declaring a direction good where other the bad is disagreeable.

Que : In what size & shape shall I buy a plot?

Ans : As per Vastu, either square or rectangular plots are ideal to buy. However, in a rectangular plot, the length to breadth should not exceed 1:2.

Que : Do interior items have an impact on the house and its Vastu?

Ans : Yes! Interior items have a major impact on the house and its Vastu. For example, keeping square-shaped items in North may block the water element.

Que : How to identify if the Vastu of the house is good or bad?

Ans : There are certain methods to identify a house’s Vastu. All the methods ultimately scrutinize positive & negative energies in the house. The simple method is, taking help of newly born babies or animals as they could sense negative energies frequently. Simply take a newly born baby in the house, if he suddenly starts crying then Vastu of the house is bad. Similarly, if pets feel uncomfortable & lethargic or would say if a dog used to bark recurrently in a house, it indicated the house has negative energies.

Vastu Chakra Course

Vastu Shastra For Commercial Complex

Commercial Vastu is what works behind the maximum profit with minimum efforts. The target of residential and commercial buildings is different, so are their principles. There are some certain activities at almost commercial places such as entrance, production area, sitting of staff, toilet, pantry, cash box, Mandir and warehouse, etc. However, placing them correctly or where the energy supports the specific activity is mandatory to yield the desired outcomes. A commercial building built & designed as per commercial Vastu principles is certain to receive a considerable number of potential customers, efficient production of goods, loyal staff/labour, the rapid sale of goods/services, painless receiving of payments and fame.

Commercial Vastu

Vastu Course Comparison Chart

Course Content Vastu Chakra Course (OccultMaster) Astro Vastu* Numero Vastu* Advance Vastu*
Difference between residential & Commercial Vastu
Example of a successful business
Reason behind business failures
Importance of Commerical Vastu
Orientation for commercial places
64 Yoginis Dawar and their effects
Auspicious & inauspicious signboards
Vastu Chakra Remedies
Vastu without demoliton
Vastu Balance with Numerology

Frequently Asked Questions

Que : Is commercial and residential Vastu same?

Ans : No, several rules are different in commercial Vastu.

Que : Are the Commercial Vastu remedies different than residential Vastu?

Ans : Some of them may be different which you will learn during the course.

Que : What is the significance of commercial Vastu?

Ans : Commercial Vastu helps in achieving the desired profit & growth in business.

Que : What are the requirements to learn Commercial Vastu?

Ans : No requirement as such! You will learn “all” from scratch.

Que : Do I need to do Commercial Vastu course separately?

Ans : No! Commercial Vastu is a part of Vastu Chakra Course.

Que : Is there any additional fees for Commercial Vastu Course?

Ans : No! Vastu Chakra is an inclusive course.

Que : What is the benefit of learning Commercial Vastu?

Ans : It enables you to plan commercial places such as factory, office, & shops, etc.

Que : What industries are covered under Commercial Vastu?

Ans : The techniques you will learn during the course are applicable in A to Z industries.

vastu chakra

Vedic Vastu Shastra

Vedic Vastu

Vastu Shastra is an endowment of Vedas & Shastras such as Sthapatya Veda, Rig Veda, Viswakarma Vastushastra, Atharva Veda and some more which originated in India. Containing the essence of each Veda/Shastra, Vastu Shastra course in India is an abbreviation of all. The principles mentioned in these Shastras, related to the house’s Vastu are absolutely authentic we are benefiting from which till date. Vastu Shastra is applicable in different geographical areas around the world. Vastu Shastra exposes to the advanced principles that are used to design a building harmonized with the different climatic conditions.

Vastu Course Comparison Chart

Course Content Vastu Chakra Course (OccultMaster) Astro Vastu* Numero Vastu* Advance Vastu*
Vedic Philosphy
Vedic vs Modern Co linking
Vedic Remedies

Frequently Asked Questions

Que : How learning Vedic Vastu will benefit me?

Ans : You will come to know the origin/root of the Vastu concepts.

Que : Is modern Vastu different than the Vedic Vastu?

Ans : Modern Vastu is an improved version of Vedic Vastu itself.

Que : What is Vedic Vastu?

Ans : Vedic Vastu edifies on the ancient Vastu techniques.

Que : What is actually covered under Vedic Vastu?

Ans : Vedic Vastu includes town planning, residential Vastu, & commercial Vastu integrated with five elements and relevant remedies, etc.

Geo Anatomy in Vastu Shastra

Geo implies Earth – one of the essential five elements and the base of every house/building. Geo energies are one of the essential energies Vastu works with which. Geo anatomy mainly talks about Geopathic stress, which comes out of the earth in the form of harmful vibrations and adversely affects humans, buildings, trees, animals, plants & environment. Geopathic stress is easy to identify by way of Geomancy. Aside from this, there are apparent symptoms by which GS can be identified. Though Geopathic stress is impossible to remove permanently, yet certain tricks can be applied to control it to safeguard the building & living beings.

Geo Anatomy

Vastu Course Comparison Chart

Course Content Vastu Chakra Course (OccultMaster) Astro Vastu* Numero Vastu* Advance Vastu*
Geopathic stress
Technopathic Stress
Geopathic stress grids
Types of Geopathic stress
Symptoms of Geopathic Stress
Geopathic stress levels
Dowsing through pendulum
Clear Geopathic stress

Frequently Asked Questions

Que : Is Geopathic stress all around?

Ans : Yes! At least minor effect exist everywhere.

Que : How to identify Geopathic stress?

Ans : There are certain symptoms plus dowsing to identify GS, which you will learn during the course.

Que : What is dowsing?

Ans : A sublime technique to connect to your subconscious.

Que : What sort of dowsing will I learn?

Ans : You will learn to dowse through rods and dowsing through pendulum.

Que : Shall the house with Geopathic stress be left?

Ans : Not really! Geopathic stress depending upon its level is curable.

Que : How to remove Geopathic stress?

Ans : There are certain techniques to remove GS, which you will learn during the course.

Dowsing & Vastu Shastra

Intuitive Dowsing

Dowsing is an inspiring procedure to see the unseen. This is the simplest & superior process to correspond to the environment, particularly the subtle energies that greatly affect the humans both physically, mentally & spiritually. The process facilitates detecting the Geopathic earth emotions, cause of the behaviour of animals, the growth gait of plants, a perfect place to dig a bore for clear water or ploughing, building houses, and more. Dowsing helps in figuring out the compatibility between the subtle energies exist in a place and the residents. Dowsing through rods and dowsing through pendulum are two commonly used dowsing methods would be imparted during Vastu Shastra course in Delhi.

Vastu Course Comparison Chart

Course Content Vastu Chakra Course (OccultMaster) Astro Vastu* Numero Vastu* Advance Vastu*
Dowsing Types
Advance Distance Dowsing
Dowsing practice in class

Frequently Asked Questions

Que : What is dowsing?

Ans : Dowsing is a sublime technique to get answers from your subconscious.

Que : What are the different techniques of dowsing?

Ans : Two popular techniques include dowsing through rods and dowsing through the pendulum.

Que : Which dowsing technique will I learn in Vastu Chakra Course?

Ans : You will learn both the techniques in Vastu Chakra Course.

Que : What is the benefit of dowsing?

Ans : You will be able to easily dowse Geopathic stress & negative energies within the premises.

Five Elements of Vastu Shastra

The whole thing is a constitution of five elements (ether, air, fire, water and earth), and the building is not an exception. Each direction in a building represents a certain element and is pregnant with traits of the respective element. A building is more like a laboratory in which experiments with five elements are made. The condition of five elements determines the root cause of most of the situations & occurrences in the house. Simply, if the five elements are balanced, anything, be it life, building or environment is default balanced; conversely, if the elements are imbalanced, the inimical effects would transpire. Vastu helps in comprehending the theory of five elements and techniques to balance them within the building to promote a balanced life.

Five Elements

Vastu Course Comparison Chart

Course Content Vastu Chakra Course (OccultMaster) Astro Vastu* Numero Vastu* Advance Vastu*
All about Panch Mahabhuta
Five elements & effects
Balancing five elements
Vedic vs Fengshui elements
Vedic elemental theory
Vedic remedies to balance it

Frequently Asked Questions

Que : What are Panchmahabhutas?

Ans : Five elements, namely Space, Air, Fire, Water & Earth, are called Panchmahabhutas in Vedic language.

Que : What is the role of five elements in Vastu?

Ans : Each zone in a building represents a particular element, and most of their effects depend upon the respective elements.

Que : How to balance five elements?

Ans : There are certain remedies intended for each element which you will learn during the course.

Que : How to identify if elements are balanced or unbalanced?

Ans : There are some common symptoms on the residents which determine the state of five elements within the house.


Energy fields develop within a building are termed as Devtas in traditional language. There are total 45 Devtas/energy fields occupying their own breathing space on the Vastu Purusha Mandala. These Devtas have their own traits which they confirm on the area they occupy. To figure out the effects of each energy field onto a building & residents, it is necessary to know their nature & elements. In case an energy field is confirming negative results, then we apply certain remedies to correct it. This is a forward study that advances your Vastu assessment & guidance.


Vastu Course Comparison Chart

Course Content Vastu Chakra Course (OccultMaster) Astro Vastu* Numero Vastu* Advance Vastu*
Devta Philosphy
Rules of using devtas
Devta Remedies
Energy Field Transformation
Devta Detailing

Frequently Asked Questions

Que : What do you mean by Devtas concept?

Ans : Devtas are basically the energy fields exist in the house & confirm different results. There are 45 Devtas you will learn about during the course.

Que : What is the effect of Devtas?

Ans : Devtas sitting in their respective zones provide with different results which depend upon how the zone is being utilized.

Que : What to learn about Devtas?

Ans : Results of Devtas depend upon their nature & ichnographic details which you will learn during the course.

Que : How to balance Devtas/energy fields?

Ans : You will be introduced with certain remedies intended for each Devta performing which, they can be pleased thus balanced.

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General Frequently Asked Questions

Que : How will the course be delivered?

Ans : The course will be delivered via 4 days class, coursebook, course videos & after help.

Que : Do I need to join any other course after Vastu Chakra course?

Ans : No, Vastu Chakra course content is worth & more than other available courses.

Que : Can I start Vastu Consultancy after this course?

Ans : Of course, yes!

Que : Can I buy the coursebook without joining the course?

Ans : Sorry! The coursebook is for the enrolled students only.

Que : What if I have doubts post the course?

Ans : We offer “after course help” availing which, you can clear your doubts anytime.

Que : How to contact Occult Master in case of help?

Ans : You will get access to the user account in which you can post/share queries.

Que : Do I need to have basic knowledge of Vastu before?

Ans : No! The course is particularly designed for beginners.

Que : What are the options available after Vastu Chakra Course?

Ans : You will become a certified Vastu Consultant.


Other course names mentioned above in the comparison chart are for references only. Through this, we do not target any specific person or company.