Iron Hexa

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Uses of remedy:

  • To enhance the zone.
  • To create a virtual door.
  • To block the door.
  • To block the kitchen.
  • To block the negative energy of the toilet to the room.

Method to use:

  • Paste it on the wall.
  • To virtually open a gate, paste it on both sides of the door (2 pieces).
  • To virtually block a gate, bury/paste it on the ground (2 pieces).
  • To block the kitchen, place a Brass Hexa Yantra under the Gas/Stove/Oven/Burner/Gas Shelf.


  • Use 1 set (4 Pieces) for zone enhancement.
  • Use 2 pieces for blocking/opening the gate.
  • Use 1 Brass piece for blocking the kitchen.


  • Hexa must be pasted 5-6 inches above the ground.
  • Pick Hexa metals according to the zone element only.
  • For the kitchen, only Brass Hexa Yantra is used irrespective of the zone.