Anjalli Panchaal ( Star Numerologist )

Anjalli Panchaal

Anjalli Panchaal

Expertise Expertise : Numerology, Dowsing, Chakra Balancing

Expertise Levels Expertise Levels :
– Master in Numerology
– Star Numerologist
– Grand Master in Numerology
– Dowsing Expert
– EFT Expert
– Royal Seal Expert
– Chakra Balancing Expert

Mobile Number +91 – 766-644-1111

Address A-101, Lower Parel,
Mumbai -400013

Address anjali13.panchal @ gmail.com

Social Presence

  • Anjalli Panchaal is having a MBA degree in health care Management. Working with well known Hospital as team leader in Mumbai and having close to 20 years of experience in Healthcare sector. However, keeping in mind the definition of Health, she embarked upon a journey to heal minds and souls through her experience and study. Her beliefs in universal power and her interest in occultism are strongly due to her birth date 13th. She realized this number is related to occultism and she led herself to indulge in professional courses on Occult sciences to help people in their emotional and intellectual growth through Numerology.

  • Intuitive
  • Self-Motivated
  • Compassionate and focused
  • Energetic and well organized
  • Master Planner
  • Understanding emotional intelligence of individuals
  • Reads universal frequencies
  • Strong follow up with clients
  • Maintains client detail/ data confidentiality
  • Great Listener

  • Mastery in Numerology
  • Mastery in Name Corrections
  • Mastery in Child Nameology
  • Mastery in Business & Company’s Name Corrections
  • Mastery in Marriage & Partnership Compatibility
  • Mastery in Yearly, Monthly and Daily Predictions
  • Mastery in Dowsing Technique
  • Mastery in Chakra Healing
  • Mastery in designing logo and branding
  • Expert in Mantra
  • Gem Stones Expert

  • Always get references from old clients for their personal, professional and spiritual growth.
  • Achieve the top most ranks for being the active & helping member amongst professional Master Numerologists.

  • Reading the people through their professions
  • Helps children to recognize their inner voice and develop good beliefs to design their beautiful life
  • Listening to music
  • Travelling

Award & Recognitions
  • Awarded as Master in Chakra Balancing
  • Awarded as Dowsing Expert
  • Awarded as Grand Master Numerologist
  • Recognized as top performer in Numerology

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