Asmita Deenesh ( Star Numerologist )

Asmita Deenesh

Asmita Deenesh

Expertise Expertise : Vastu, Numerology

Expertise Levels Expertise Levels :
– Master in Numerology
– Professional Vastu Consultant
– Grand Master Level 2 (2019)
– Star Numerologist

Mobile Number +91 – 783-8576-556

Address Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Address ashmitadeenesh @ gmail.com

Social Presence

  • Asmita Deenesh is an engineering graduate (B.Tech) in Electronics and communication from BIET Jhansi. She has done her PG Diploma in Embedded systems and VLSI design from CDAC Noida. Her technical career in in corporate started in the year 2006. She has worked with the Telecom sector as a core software programmer. Telecom Communication or Akashik communication both has been always field of interests for her. She had always worked on foundations whether its for telecom platform or her present profession for creating stability and balance in people’s life.
  • Being a science student and technology graduate, she always believed in every scientific thing whether modern or ancient. Her curiosity about the effect of these basics on Life brought her into Occult field.
  • She has learned Vastu and Numerology from experts in these fields. Experiencing the effect of yogasanas and working on the subconscious pattern was her first turning point towards the occult. After handling multiple successful cases and observing the accurate and effective results of these sciences, she took Numerology and Vastu as her major working field.

  • The most prominent part of her personality is that she is dependable and also a firm believer of the fact that “if someone looks for a solution there is always a solution”. Her self-belief and grit for positive growth, her non-compromising attitude for solutions make her results more effective and accurate. She is logical and intuitive both. She is a quick learner and committed to her work.
  • She has unique ability to synthesize the information with her understanding of how to bring the best out of people and situations.

  • She has an inbuilt understanding of subconscious patterns and she is good at connecting the dots of issues. Once the main cause or road block is identified the solution becomes more accurate and effective with Numerology and Vastu. She works on body, mind, soul level with both of these sciences.
  • She has worked on Individual Career, Business growth, Finances and roadblocks in profits, Handling man power at work, business partnership, Health, Finances and more.

  • Asmita Deenesh has successfully worked for business houses, hospital, start-ups, business names, individual career progress, health, harmony and finances.
  • She has achieved good recognition within a short time in Numerology and Vastu sciences.
  • Being awarded as Start Numerologist and Grand Master from OccultMaster is also a good recognition in occult field.

  • A programmer is always a programmer. She is always behind cracking the code of manifesting the best for the life with the help of these ancient sciences. Be it at any level, personal, professional or social. She is continuously learning through numbers and embedded subconscious patterns. understanding the pros and cons of modern fast life and finding effective ways to bring back the balance and strong foundation for society with her knowledge and solutions.

Award & Recognitions
  • The trust and belief of client is the best award for a consultant and she has achieved that with her client base.
  • She is recognised as “Star Numerologist” by Occult master for her professional and honest attitude towards her work as a Numerology consultant and team player.
  • Awarded as “Grand Master” with advance knowledge of Numerology by Occult Master.
  • She has been awarded as “Vastu Expert” and this was her first professional step into Occult sciences.
  • Professional Vastu consultant upon successful completion of Professional Vastu workshop.
  • Master Numerologist by Occult Master Foundation.


Also awarded as titles of –

  • Master in dowsing upon successful completion of Intuitive dowsing
  • Master in Chakra Balancing after successful completion of Chakra wisdom course.