Diivyaa Kapoor ( Star Numerologist )

Diivyaa Kapoor

Diivyaa Kapoor

Expertise Expertise : Numerology, Astrology, Vastu, Dowsing, Chakra Balancing

Expertise Levels Expertise Levels :
– Grand Master
– Star Numerologist
– Dowsing Expert
– Chakras Expert

Mobile Number +91 – 981-090-5525

Address Y-009, Agrasen Awas 66
I. P. Extension
Patparganj, Delhi-92

Address diivyaakapoor @ gmail.com

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  • Diivyaa Kapoor is a commerce graduate and an advance diploma holder from GNIIT.
  • She had an early reckoning from the Occult field and to quench her thirst, she went on to learn Astrology and Vastu courses.
  • She further did Numerology Course from the best in the Numerology world, Occultmaster and was a chosen one in the GrandMaster Course and was awarded with Star Numerologist award.

  • Diivyaa Kapoor has been trained and polished to give results based Numerology solutions for all your everyday and major problems in life.
  • Being from an Astrology background, she can relate your numbers to planets well and can give you Numero remedies well matched with your horoscope.
  • She provides remedies for your mind, body and soul which comprises all astrological, vastu and numero aspects.
  • She understands Human Psychology and can lend a helping ear to all your human behavioural attitude problems and provide solutions and remedies to help you lead better life.

  • Mastery in Numerology
  • Mastery in Child Nameology
  • Mastery in Name Analysis
  • Mastery in Business Name Corrections
  • Mastery in Marriage and Compatibility Predictions
  • Mastery in Dowsing Solutions
  • Mastery in Chakra Balancing
  • Mastery in Astrology
  • Mastery in Vastu Solutions
  • Mastery in Logo Designing
  • Mastery in Gemology
  • Mastery in Muhurta Calculation
  • Mastery in Royal Seal Making

  • Diivyaa Kapoor has earned good name and fame in the ever expanding Occult World.
  • She is trusted to give the most result oriented solutions to each query which comes to her.
  • She has helped people accomplish their targets and realising their dreams in life.
  • She has helped people live blissful life and get rid of their problems in life.
  • A happy and satisfied client has always been her prized accomplishment.

  • Diivyaa Kapoor has a deep interest in every science of Occult world and is ever keen to learn new techniques of this field to help people make their lives better in this ever struggling competitive world.
  • She is always into reading philosophical literature which helps her understand human psychology well and can relate how it affects a person’s mindset and can play a role in their miseries and problems. She is determined to help people to come out of such blockages in mind and accomplish their goals in life and thus leading a happy and contented life.

Award & Recognitions
  • Awarded Grand Master
  • Awarded Star Numerologist
  • Awarded Chakra Expert
  • Awarded Dowsing Expert

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