Manju Siindu ( Star Numerologist )

Manju Siindu

Manju Siindu

Expertise Expertise : Numerology, EFT

Expertise Levels Expertise Levels :
– Master Numerologist
– Star Numerologist
– Grand Master in Numerology

Mobile Number +91 – 997-1243-559

Address Sindhu House
1415-B, 1st Floor, Sector – 52
Gurgaon – 122002

Address manjusindhu26 @ gmail.com

Social Presence

  • Graduate from Maharshi Dayanand University, Haryana. A proud wife of a Defence person and a mother known for bringing up a child with care and affection.
  • Working with International program in Gurgaon, India based on children fitness and behavior.

  • Reliability – I can solve variety of different problems with all age groups.
  • Spirituality : Provides feeling of participation in something greater than oneself and sense of unity with nature and universe.
  • Successful : I try my best to give each and every client a successful base.
  • Confident in-self
  • High intuitive skills
  • Very energetic

  • Expert in giving accurate remedies that works best as per the requirement of client.
  • Mastery on remedies for Body, Mind and Soul that work wonders.
  • Mastery in providing yearly predictions.
  • Mastery in Child behavior.
  • Master in Business Numerology.

  • Feeling can’t be expressed when client gets what he desires. My accomplishment is client’s faith on me. At times when they express their thankfulness, that makes me more than happy and feeling of great achievements. Numerology makes easier for me to find individual problems related to numbers.

  • Keep myself busy in calculation of numbers and doing more research on working of numbers as per Numerology. Always ready to learn more about the mystical science.
  • I care deeply about other people, their problem and pain.
  • I enjoy helping people

Award & Recognitions

When my client get result and I see their happy faces, that is a big achievement for me, that I could be able to solve their problems through Numerology. That is my real award and achievement.

  • Awarded Master Numerologist.
  • Awarded Master in Chakra Healing.
  • Awarded Master in Intuitive Dowsing.
  • Awarded Grand Master in Numerology.
  • Selected as Star Numerologist in Delhi for the year 2018.

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