Paayal M Ssahni ( Star Numerologist )

Paayal M Ssahni

Paayal M Ssahni

Expertise Expertise : Numerology, Astrology

Expertise Levels Expertise Levels :
– Grand Master
– Star Numerologist

Mobile Number +91 – 7303402666

Address Gurgaon


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  • Paayal M Ssahni, is a Graduate in Arts, post which moved to pursue a career in the corporate world and worked in India and the United States. However, it did not take her long to realize her true calling and potential and she quit her lavish corporate career, to foray into the world of occult sciences. It wasn’t a hasty decision, but the resonance of the heart. Since childhood she had a close connection with the divine and a strong premonition of occurrences. She was a clairvoyant.
  • Realizing her mysticism, she embarked upon a journey to heal bodies and souls, in need. However, it did not end there. Being a perfectionist that she is, her quest to delve deeper into the occult, she formally embarked upon the process of learning about the occult sciences, under the guidance of revered experts in the field.
  • She progressed slowly and steadily, helping and supporting people and as time would have it, soon realized her keen interest in numerology and chose the power of numbers, as her forte. As excellence proceeds, it did not take her time to carve a niche for herself being an expert Numerologist.

  • Integrity: The word envisages myriad interpretations and Paayal, not only understands each interpretation but has also adopted each one of them, in letter and spirit, in her conduct, during the course of her dealings with her clients. Paayal is a strong believer and follower of ethics, is trustworthy, dependable and maintains client detail/ data confidentiality.
  • Communication Skills: Soft and sweet in demeanor, patience, empathy and spontaneity are the fundamental traits to be possessed by any human, especially when one is pursuing occult sciences and Paayal is a perfect blend of all of them, which makes her every clients delight.
  • Solution Based Remedies: Payaal is pragmatic, yet emotional, contemporary yet traditional and so the remedies she suggests are a perfect mix of conventional and unconventional ways, which are easy and simple to adopt, follow and undertake. Her remedies work at three levels, viz the body, the mind and the soul. She believes in not only curing the instant grievance but in curing it from its very root. Her remedies are essentially based upon ones name and date of birth.
  • Paayal aims to be an instrument of change in the lives of the less fortunate and bestow upon them happiness, peace and harmony, every humans inalienable right, in her own little way, by using her knowledge and skill in the science of Numerology. She firmly believes that numerology plays a vital role in resolving problems including but not limited to finances, employment, business, self esteem, personality, relationships, anger, confidence.
  • Personalized Readings: Paayal ensures that she provides personalized readings for each of her clients, which is their personality chart, that includes, their virtues and their vices, their strengths and their weaknesses and the opportunities to be seized. She also provides lucky numbers, lucky colours, name rectification, daily remedies and much more depending on the nature of problem.

  • Mastery in Numerology
  • Mastery in Name Corrections
  • Mastery in Child Nameology
  • Mastery in Business & Company’s Name Corrections
  • Mastery in Marriage & Partnership Compatibility
  • Mastery in Yearly, Monthly and Daily Predictions
  • Mastery in Dowsing Technique
  • Mastery in Chakra & Reiki Healing
  • Mastery in Switchwords
  • Mastery in Angel Card Reading and Healing

  • Accomplishments in the field of occult sciences cannot be determined in any manner, but for the joy begot and smiles spread. Ask Paayals clients and the joy that pervades, reflecting in the smile on their face, speaks volumes of her accomplishments as a Numerologist. Returning clients, stamp and seal the envelope of accomplishments and most of Paayal’s clients have not only returned for some help and support, but have referred new clients to her.
  • Appreciation feedback received from clients.
  • Achieve the top most ranks for being the active & helping member amongst professional Master Numerologists.
  • The biggest achievement is when your clients are satisfied and happy with the outcome of everything and they praise you for bringing about that change they were looking for.

  • Keeps herself deeply involved in calculations and doing further research in the field of numerology. She considers herself as a learner.
  • Apart from numerology, she is an avid reader and reads just about anything she can lay her hands on. She considers knowledge as the purpose of life.
  • Has a keen interest in arts and also involves herself in painting.

Award & Recognitions
  • Awarded as Master in Chakra Balancing from Occult Master.
  • Awarded as Dowsing Expert from Occult Master.
  • Recognized as top performer in Numerology.
  • Awarded Master Numerologist by Occult Master
  • Awarded switchwords expert
  • Awarded Angel Healer

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