Ranjna Oohri ( Star Numerologist )

Ranjna Oohri

Ranjna Oohri

Expertise Expertise : Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Dowsing, Chakra Meditation, EFT, Royal Seals

Expertise Levels Expertise Levels :
– Grand Master in Numerology (Level 2)
– Star Numerologist
– Master in Numerology
– Dowsing Expert
– EFT Practitioner
– Royal Seal Expert
– Professional Vastu Consultant

Mobile Number +91 – 964-340-0555

Address 5A/305, C-Block
Janak Puri
New Delhi – 110018

Address ranjanaohri019 @ gmail.com
Address info1 @ aumgenesiis.com

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  • Ranjna Oohri gained a good education over the years with Master’s Degree in Commerce and a Professional Degree in Teaching. She excelled in teaching profession with a vast experience of more than 15 years. Being governed by number 1 and 3, she has always been keenly interested in this divine science and all over the years since young age she strongly felt her intuitive state of mind guiding her and working for her. Her interest turned into a passion giving her a chance to practice this magical science under the guidance of world-renowned Gurus in occult field. She took a plunge into the world of occult pursuing Vastu Shastra and Numerology professionally. She has made a mark as being a proficient numerologist who is facilitating the lives of a number of people in a constructive manner through positive targeted results with compatible names and powerful remedies.

  • Authentic Knowledge Base – An authentic knowledge base and her extensive practice in the subject under renowned Gurus in occult field has given her a strong command over it. She is facilitating the lives of a number of people by bringing joys and harmony in their lives.
  • Solution Provider – She assists her clients in setting the course of their life in complete harmony with intuitive solutions and powerful remedies which works at 3 levels: (Body-Mind-Soul). She facilitates balancing the energies of not only the living space of clients but their inner self too by suggesting favourable Names and Numbers compatible to their date of birth.
  • Strong Follow Up Skills – She firmly believes in effective follow ups with her clients which requires Consideration, Discipline and Patience. Her professional follow ups facilitates the clients towards the targeted results.

  • Accurate Decoding Of Client’s Problems – She follows scientific approach, patiently hear her clients with utmost care and suggests workable solutions which are symptoms based strictly.
  • Personalized Solutions – USP of her working is the precise personalized solutions suggested to clients based on the current problems and issues faced by them. Easy to implement yet powerful ancient Remedies suggested to client gives her an extra edge.
  • Intuitive Guidance – Intuitive mind works best and is must in occult field. She practices Chakra Meditation on almost daily basis to keep her Chakras cleansed and activated which helps her to receive divine intuitive guidance and enjoy the strong connection with the higher self.
  • Delivering Results – Over the years, she has made a mark as being a Proficient Consultant, who delivers positive targeted results to her clients.
  • Maintaining Long Term Relationships with Clients – Her compassionate working style, effective listening skills, empathy and trust provides a healthy base for long term positive relationship with clients. Her rapidly growing client base keeps her passionate about her work.

  • Happy Clientele Base – The real measure of success and accomplishments is growing clientele base backed by positive feedback and success stories shared by happy clients. Positive reviews, commendation and referral by her existing clients speaks volume for the level of her achievements.
  • Delivering Results – She is proficient in delivering targeted results using authentic knowledge base and intuitive skills.
  • Deserving Member of Well-Known Professional Forums – She is upholding top most ranks in well-known professional forums having more than 1000 Vastu and Numerology experts for being an active solution provider adding precise remedies and intuitive insights in numerous occult cases being shared by experts regularly.

  • Ranjna Oohri, being an ardent lover of dynamic, bustling and active lifestyle, loves engaging herself in active leisure to feel refreshed and fulfilled.
  • Being a true yoga lover, she enjoys her regular practice of yogic Asanas and Pranayams to strengthen her meditative and spiritual connect.
  • Running marathons elates her and encourage her to keep the passion alive.
  • She loves to spend her free time sketching cartoons, doodling and watching reality shows.
  • Listening to music as per the state of her mind makes her soul happy.
  • At weekends, she spends her time nurturing her plants around.
  • Travelling to new places to explore, experience and learn about new cultures keeps her in high spirit.

Award & Recognitions
  • Grand Master in Numerology (Level 2) – She has been conferred the awards of Grand Master upon successful completion of advanced numerology with the privilege to practice and adopt it professionally worldwide.
  • Star Numerologist (2019) – She has been bestowed with the title of STAR NUMEROLOGIST for her exceptional performance in the applications of professional numerology by an expert panel of Occult Master team.
  • Professional Vastu Consultant – She has been conferred the title of Professional Vastu Consultant upon successful completion of professional Vastu Workshop by occult Master Foundation.
  • Master In Dowsing – She was selected for the award of Master in Dowsing upon successful completion of intuitive dowsing course.
  • Master In Chakra Balancing – She earned the award of Master in Chakra Balancing upon successful completion of Chakra Wisdom course.

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