Rituu Vashishtt ( Star Numerologist )

Rituu Vashishtt

Rituu Vashishtt

Expertise Expertise : Numerology, Reiki & Chakra Healing, EFT

Expertise Levels Expertise Levels :
– Grand Master in Numerology
– Star Numerologist
– Master in Chakra Balancing
– Master in Dowsing
– Master in Reiki Healing

Mobile Number +91 – 981-199-5584

Address STD-705, Sun Tower, Shipra Sun City
Indirapuram, Ghaziabad
Uttar Pradesh – 201014

Address rituuvashishtt @ gmail.com

Social Presence

  • I am a commerce graduate from Delhi University and was associated with big corporate brands in financial sector as a State Manager.
  • Worked as a faculty in one of the best educational institutes of NCR.
  • Presently practicing as a Star Numerologist & Reiki Therapist in the field of occult & have a vision to move forward in this sector only for the rest of my professional journey.


Knowledge-Based Skills – I have been trained and embedded with the best knowledge and skills in Numerology, Chakra Balancing & Dowsing by Occult Master.

Problem-Solving Skills – I have an excellent problem-solving skills and excel in dealing with my clients. I usually go out of my way to listen to the client’s concerns and provide them full proof solutions of their problems.

Interpersonal Skills – I call myself a good team player and always believe in team work and helping my team mates in any kind of situation along with motivating them for their personal growth and advancements.

Strong Work Ethics – I consider myself to have a very strong work ethics as I am committed towards my work and ensuring that my clients gets timely service and results with my quality of doing regular follow ups and extended support to them.

Attention to Detail – I have an eye for detail. I go in depth of my client’s problems, analyse their current situation properly and guide them for betterment of their life. I consider my client’s success and happiness as my success.

Trustworthy and Dependable – Integrity, Trustworthy are the most important qualities to have in occult field what I believe. I maintain the confidentiality of my clients, they can depend and have trust on me. I always feel concerned for the well-being of my clients.


I have attained Mastery in the below mentioned fields:

  • Mastery in Numerology
  • Mastery in Name Corrections
  • Mastery in Child Nameology
  • Mastery in Business & Company’s Name Corrections
  • Mastery in Marriage & Partnership Compatibility
  • Mastery in Yearly, Monthly and Daily Predictions
  • Mastery in providing remedies of life’s challenging numbers
  • Mastery in Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT)
  • Mastery in Dowsing Technique
  • Mastery in Chakra & Reiki Healing


My Key Accomplishments are:

  • 100% results given to clients in each and every case.
  • Appreciation feedback received from happy clients.
  • Achieved top most ranks for being the active & helping member amongst professional Master Numerologists.
  • Recognized as a Star Performer in Numerology.
  • Spreading happiness, peace, success and harmony in people.

  • I started my occult journey in the year 2017 with Reiki Therapies and healings.
  • Entered into Numerology in the year 2018 and practising since then with many successful cases.

  • Interested in knowing more about occult science.
  • Inclination towards other healing modalities and meditative techniques.
  • Wants to spread happiness and peace all around.

Award & Recognitions
  • Awarded as Reiki Master.
  • Certified as Grand Master in Numerology from Occult Master.
  • Awarded as Master in Chakra Balancing from Occult Master.
  • Awarded as Dowsing Expert from Occult Master.
  • Recognized as Star Numerologist and best performer in Numerology.

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