Shaifali Veerma ( Star Numerologist )

Shaifali Veerma

Shaifali Veerma

Expertise Expertise : Astrology, Numerology, Chakra Healing, Dowsing

Expertise Levels Expertise Levels :
– Jyotish Acharya
– Master Numerologist
– Grand Master
– Star Numerologist
– Chakra Healer
– Dowsing Expert
– Logo Designer
– Royal Seal Expert

Mobile Number +91 – 981-868-8911

Address 24, Kailash Apartment
Plot No.-45
I.P. Extension
Delhi – 110092

Address jyotishshaifali @ gmail.com

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  • Shaifali Veerma is a Science Graduate and professionally qualified Astrologer from Institute of Astrology, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi. From the very childhood, she had had a keen interest in occult sciences and was an avid reader of a variety of books on such topics. Hailing from a business family, she ventured into a variety of professions including Computer Software, Coaching, Boutique, Network Marketing, etc and excelled in all the fields keeping a balance between her professional and personal life. All along her journey, her quest to acquire deeper learning in subjects of occult sciences kept growing which took her to Institute of Astrology in BVB, Delhi and finally adopted it her ultimate career. She has been fortunate to have acquired knowledge in all these sciences from very renowned and one of the best Gurus in the respective fields.
  • Shaifali kept spreading her knowledge wings in to related fields and acquiring expertise in Vastu, Numerology, Chakra Healing, Dowsing, Royal Seal making, Logo Designing, etc.
  • She, though has been practicing, not just learning, these sciences since more than 17 years, she actually started professional consulting and coaching these sciences 10 years back and has a long list of satisfied clientele in India and abroad.

  • By virtue of having deep knowledge of related subjects including Astrology, Numerology and Vastu, her ability to give accurate predictions, consultations and constructive easy to implement remedies without demolishing current set-up makes her a favorite amongst her client.
  • Her friendly nature and ability to relate with all varieties of people irrespective of their age, gender, profession, qualification and social & financial stature help her clients to be open up with her to get maximum benefit of her expertise.
  • Her effective communication style, whether to individuals during one-on-one conversation or to the masses while addressing a large gathering, mesmerizes her audience.
  • Her perfectionist nature always helps to reach at the root of the problems analyzing it from different angles and provide the best solutions in every field be it Astrology, Vastu or Numerology.
  • Her strong work ethics, sense of ownership and habit of maintaining connect and keep continuous contact with her clients till the person gets fully satisfactory solution to the problem with evident results wins the trust of her clients leading to their repeated visits and referrals.


Shaifali Veerma has attained Mastery in :-

  • Name correction
  • Business & Company’s Name correction
  • Child Namelogy
  • Logo Designing
  • Royal Seal Designing
  • Predictions
  • Kundli Correction
  • Match-making & matrimonial compatibility
  • Corporate Role Compatibility
  • Business Partnership compatibility
  • Chakra Healing
  • Dowsing
  • Career Counseling using Astrology as well as Numerology

  • Foremost accomplishment is Shaifali’s cent per cent results amongst her long clientele. In fact, people say at times that the client comes to Shaifali when his/her problems are destined to get resolved.
  • The trophies won at various platforms adoring her office are the testimonial to her accomplishments.
  • Pleasant smiles on the face of each and every client.

  • She is a keen learner and keep enhancing her knowledge through focused readings from the books in her ever increasing personal Library.
  • Being student of Botany, a special love and affection for plants which at times proves handy in suggesting remedies as well.

Award & Recognitions
  • Grand Master in Numerology
  • Star Numerologist

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