Swati Anurag ( Star Numerologist )

Swati Anurag

Swati Anurag

Expertise Expertise : Numerology, EFT, Meditation

Expertise Levels Expertise Levels :
– Master Numerologist
– Star Numerologist
– Grand Master (2018)

Mobile Number +91 – 982-513-7428

Address Life Beautiful Acaedemy,
2125-2126, 4th Floor,
Westfield Shopping complex,
Ghod Dod Road
Surat-395007, Gujarat

Address swati.mehra @ gmail.com

Social Presence

  • Swati Anurag is an Inner harmony coach working in the mystical field of occult and esoteric since 2009. Holding a Master degree in Botany from ‘University of Jodhpur’, the journey from understanding the gentler sentiments of the plant life to understanding the nuances of humanity has been transformative and evolutive.

  • Her strength lies in providing a nonjudgmental listening space, in being compassionate and authentic and providing solutions specific to the requirement of an individual.

  • She works on Body, Mind and soul through a multitude of alternative therapies. She is a Numerologist, Past life Regression therapist, Dream Interpreter, EFT Practitioner, GIFT Counselor, works with the angelic dimensions of one’s consciousness, accesses the angelic realms and through the combination of various modalities helps individuals to balance and realign to their essence and tap into the inner joy and happiness.

  • Her USP, lies in providing alternative healing solutions to any issues be it Mental, Physical, or emotional using a combination of modalities. Her Academy “Life Beautiful Acaedemy” is based at Surat, India. Guided by the Universe and supported by the Angels each soul that has come in touch with her has seen a miraculous transformation in their life.
    Numerology has played a vital role in bringing a balance to many lives. A name changes and remedies has worked wonders in giving one a happy, Harmonious and joyous life.
    Long standing cases of Depression, Migraines, and relationship issues behavioral issues have been dealt with and relief experienced in majority of them.

  • The occult drew her to its fold in the year 2009 with a mystical meditation experience. Since then there has been no looking back and the path forward has opened up with ease and grace. She holds workshops in person as well as over WhatsApp.

  • Delving deeper into the mystical depths of the esoteric learning’s to learn more and unveil the multiple layer each modality offers, to help fellow human beings and to be on the path of Soul growth and self-Realization.

Award & Recognitions
  • Her contribution in the field of “Alternative Therapy” was recognized by Surat Municipal Corporation and She was felicitated and Awarded on the International women’s day 8th March 2017.