Occult Master Foundation

Occult Master is an educational division of Pandit.com that is owned and operated by Pandit Rahul Kaushal, a seasoned & eminent person in the field of occult.

Our Vision is to provide professional and result oriented courses in occult sciences which would empower people to act as REAL guides to masses.

We believe in the doctrine of giving it all that we know to our students so our courses are not divided into basic or advanced category. Each of the course would be comprehensive covering all the aspects from an amateur to a professional category.

The courses not only covers the elementary part of the subject but also focuses on developing the sub-conscious & balancing the elements of the body which are the prerequisites for becoming a successful practitioner.

Our focus is on quality so seats are very limited in every session & available on first come first serve basis.


Theoratical Part
Practical Part / Examples
Meditations in course
Personal Insights & How to use occult
Followup after courses


I have been in the field of Occult for the past 20 years and now I believe is the right time to deliver my knowledge & experience gained over the years to the aspirants, especially those who have this never ending zeal to explore the subject, to learn this Holy Science and make the world a better place by using the knowledge in the true sense. This is a very pious subject and can be chosen as a career option by individuals wanting to make a difference in the life of people. They say everyone has soul guides directing people on earth to fulfill their life path but a very few are the ones who are able to connect with their soul guides. We wish to help the ones left(unconnected) by producing genuine occultists serving them in the best manner possible.

In the last decade I’ve seen a huge demand for short term courses. People believe that a lot can be learnt by doing these short term courses & are being taught techniques which are practically producing little or no results at all, leading to people losing faith in the subject. I believe by doing all these half baked courses a person is preparing a recipe for disaster as they say “Little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.

In Occult Master Foundation we’ve taken care of each & every part while designing the courses, i.e.,the Body, the Mind & the Soul, so that one should be able to deliver quick results and become a professional in its truest sense.

Rahul Kaushl

Occult Master / Celebrity Astrologer / Vastu Consultant
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Diversity of Knowledge

Our knowledge is very diversified and we can easily link any course with any subject for better students understanding.

20 years of practical experience

We are practically into this field from last 20 years moreover family linage is also of Astrologers that is a big blessing.


Transparency or Purity is Must in every field. We are actually teaching what we are using in our own business SO that the students will understand it in a better way

After Course followups

Course days are ONLY an initiation of your own Knowledge Wisdom and real game starts when you are practically in field and we are here to serve PERSONALLY digitally or by phone.