Why OccultMaster Courses are best in India?

We offer the most authentic, research-based & practical course curriculum along with amazing “after course features” which you would find nowhere for sure. The endeavours we make for our students make our courses the most preferable & recommended ones on both national & international level. Today, Occultmaster has become the most trusted name for any occult course – be it professional Numerology course, Grand Master Course, or Vastu Shastra Course.

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Occult Master’s official portal acts as a platform where different occultists gather to exchange information. This digital initiative has been taken to assemble the masters of the divine occult field. This portal is a fantastic platform to widen your contacts & circle. It allows you to share your information & achievements with others and meet people with similar interests, achievements, requirements, and knowledge. Being a registered member of this portal, you get access to the complete Timeline plus its interesting features such as adding/following people, uploading images/albums, adding social accounts, and promoting services, etc. So, add your information, keep updating your portfolio & make the most of this platform!

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Features of the Occult Master Portal

Request/Follow People

A registered member is allowed to send requests and follow other members of this portal.

Upload Images

A registered member is allowed to upload images/albums and share with other members.

Private Messaging

A registered member is allowed to send private messages to other member & group members.

User Timeline

A registered member gets access to the complete Timeline where he/she can add & share their information & achievements, promote their services, and can create a complete portfolio.

Support Forum

Support Forum

Occult Master Forum is an online discussion board where occultists discuss & debate about different topics & matters. You can find answers & solutions of almost queries related to the occult science on this forum. To simplify the occult discussions here, each occult topic has been divided into separate categories. You can easily post your query or matters in the respective category and expect relevant comments leading to meaningful discussions. You can even find out if other members have posted the same thread/query or not. The forum also facilitates a subscribe option which notifies you about the specific/subscribed threads only; basically, this feature saves your valuable time. So, sincerely partake in the discussions and enhance your occult knowledge.

Features of the Occult Master Portal

Thread Creation

You can create & post the thread in the desired category. Your post will reach to the other members, and they will join you by replying to your thread.

Comments & Replies

You can comment on the posts of others also can reply to their comments.

Search Threads

To avoid duplicity, you can easily search if a similar thread is already created or not. In case you find a similar thread already posted in the category, you can take the conversation ahead via that thread only.

Category Subscription

To simplify the discussion, you can subscribe to the desired categories to receive the respective notifications only.

Private Discussion Groups

Groups are meant to discuss both relevant & irrelevant issues. Here you can meet your course mates and discuss about anything from occult topics to what your husband/wife did today.

Private Groups

Features of the Occult Master Portal

Mass Message

The group allows you to send mass messages with which you can send a message to all group members at once.

Easy Search

You can easily search any document posted in the group.


You can also share random stuff here such as your photographs, poetry, jokes, or anything on your mind.

Numerology Report Software

Numerology Software

Get access to the numerology report software and generate unlimited comprehensive Numerology reports to offer your clients with the most accurate predictions, suggestions, and remedies like a pro.

Features of the Occult Master Portal

Create Report

Fill in the details and generate multiple Numerology reports for your clients.


Choose interesting packages out of the available range such as Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Advance.

Create Footer

The feature gets you a monopoly of the generated report. Simply add & flash your personal details in the footer section of the report.

Download report

After creating the report, download the complete numerology report with a single click.

Customized Report

You can easily customize your report by selecting or deselecting the given segments & sub-segments.

Online Practice/Revision

Here you can practice what you have learned during the course. It will help you revise the course content and enhance your knowledge.

Online Practice

Features of the Occult Master Portal


For revision, video of each lesson is given here; watch the video and then revise through the quiz.


For practice & self-assessment, objective type questions - related to each topic - are given. Choose the topic, take the quiz, and assess your performance.

Android Mobile App

Android Mobile App

Have a painless consultation with this mobile app which contains multiple features for quick calculations.

Features of the Occult Master Portal

Name Calculator

Enter the name and get instant results of the name number.

Instant Calculator

Enter the name & birth details and instantly check the required section of the report.

Image Gallery

Get access to the course images of all courses conducted by the Occult Master.

Numerology Calculator

Enter the name & birth details and get an instant summary of the birth numbers.

Numerology Report

Enter the name and birth details and get the detailed report instantly.


Easily place orders of bracelets, numerology remedies, Vastu remedies, reports, and services.

Free Promotional Material

Promotional Material

This is the form of content which you may use for self-promotion on social media and other such platforms. These are ready designs which you can use & modify however you want.

Features of the Occult Master Portal

Name Sync Calculator

A quick result of if the name is synchronized with the date of birth or not.

Chakra Music

Get access to the spiritual content such as Mantras, sounds, and chakra music, etc.

Promotional Content

Get access to the promotional content such as social media images, cover images, banners, and days wise images, etc.


Occultmaster.com is a large E-commerce platform for astrological & Vastu remedies. Here you can buy the best quality & authentic remedies at cheap/wholesale prices. The emerging portal caters easy buying process, multiple payment modes, cash on delivery, superior quality, timely delivery, and cooperative support.

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Features of the Occult Master Portal

Numerology Remedies

Buy bracelets according to the benefits, birth numbers, driver & conductor numbers, and name number, etc.

Vastu Remedies

Buy balancers, boosters & blockers for Vastu remedies.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course will be delivered via 3 days class, coursebook, course videos & after help.

We offer “after course help” availing which, you can clear your doubts anytime.

Sorry! The coursebook is for the enrolled students only.

We offer “after course help” availing which, you can clear your doubts anytime.

The course will be delivered via 4 days class, coursebook, course videos & after help.

We offer “after course help” availing which, you can clear your doubts anytime.

You will learn both the techniques in Vastu Chakra Course.

Of course, yes! The advanced concepts would enable you to plan a residence.

Four life goals, three Doshas, diets, six tastes, BMS, and many other things are covered under Ayurveda concept of Vastu Chakra Course.