Master in Numerology

Master in Numerology is the Professional Numerology course for all aspirants and any age groups.

Master in Intuitive Dowsing

Intuitive Dowsing is the quick way to Hear your Sub-conscious when you left with dual or multiple options. It works like a Charm.

Master in Chakra Balancing

Till the time your own Chakra OR energies are not balanced you cant predict. This course will guide you how to balance and heal them for quick

Master in Astro Remedies

Remedies are based on 3 aspects i.e. Body, Mind and Soul and till the time all the 3 are not done native will not get results. In this Course we cover them all in detail.

Master in Trichakra Cards

Another form of quick prediction where we use Clients energies to Answer. This is the unique way of predicting things fast along with remedies.

Master in Occult Sciences

This is the limited course only for who are good in Body, mind and soul balancing and understands what does transformation means. This is residential course for 19 days.

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