About Us

About Us

I have been in the field of Occult for the past 20 years and now I believe is the right time to deliver my knowledge & experience, we’ve taken care of each & every part while designing the courses, i.e.,the Body, the Mind & the Soul, so that one should be able to deliver quick results and become a professional in its truest sense.

Our vision is to provide students with the core professional and result-oriented courses in Occult Sciences that empower them to act/serve as true guides to the masses. We strongly believe in the doctrine of bestowing all we know to our students. Following this pattern, we have not divided our courses into basic or advanced categories.

All our courses are comprehensive covering all the aspects from an amateur to a professional category. The range of courses we offer not only envelope the elementary part of the subject but also emphasize on developing the sub-conscious & balancing the body elements, the essential prerequisites for being called a successful practitioner.

We are known for quality that attracts a large number of students every session/season we conduct. Obviously, the seats are very limited that we used to make available on the first come first serve basis.

I have dedicated about 20 years of my life in the field of occult. After investing such a considerable time in this field, now I am prepared enough to deliver/share the knowledge and experience I have gained throughout my career. I really love to educate/groom the folks having a great zeal to dive deeper into the subject yet in order to use the knowledge for the wellbeing of mankind, I repeat wellbeing!

I personally find occult an extremely interesting and pious subject to learn further making a career in. Accurate knowledge of Occult makes one able to make considerable differences in the life of others.

Undeniably, everyone has a soul guide that directs one to walk correctly on the life path. However, the question is, is every single person out there is connected or able to connect with the soul guide? Hardly one can. Here is when the need for expert counsellor arises. We at “Occult Master” help such unconnected folks in the best possible manner.

One essential fact I would like to toss light on is either gain adequate knowledge pertaining to the subject or completely ignore it, but don’t take a risk of getting half knowledge that you know is always dangerous and will take you nowhere for sure. Exploring the field for years, I came to know that the demand for short-term courses has been increased from the last decade involving in which people really enjoy learning techniques that practically generate little or no result.

Considering the recent market trends, we have tried our level best to avoid such a pattern while giving lessons on occult science. We at “Occult Master Foundation” have specially designed all the courses in a manner, offering which we can cover each and every aspect be it the Body, Mind, and Soul in order to make you feel the outcomes in a factual manner.

Our knowledge is very diversified and we can easily link any course with any subject for better students understanding.

We are practically in this field for last 20 years. However, the family lineage of Astrologers is also a great boon.

The information we share with the students is what we personally/practically use in own business or while dealing with the clients. The practical experience helps students learn better and quicker.

Post the successful course completion you earn a professional certificate that validates you take a confident step ahead in the field.

We comprehend that the real game begins post you practically take a step in the field. Do not worry! We are always available to help at the point you face uncertainty. One can contact us via common communication modes like Mails or Phone.

Our Strength

Diversity of Knowledge

We believe in imparting knowledge on diverse subjects in occult so as to enable the student to pick whatever suits him best or use a combination of all because we teach how to connect one subject with the other.

Online Group Meet

We promote realistic learning more since involvement of practicality is the ultimate way to fit a concept in one’s mind in an appropriate manner. Encouraging the same, we invite our students for monthly online group meets to share the gained experience as well as to widen the knowledge area.


This is the foremost rule our entire system works on. We teach what we use for own business. We provide students with the most recent information that is practically being used by the experts in recent/real-time to perfectly rule the industry.

Material / Tools / Kits

The entire course content has been smartly compiled in the book/tool form. The same material is utilized by the expert during the presentations/seminars. The course material is accessible to students without additional charges.