All in one Vastu Shastra Course

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Learn Unique “All in One Vastu Shastra” in India and become “Vastu Chakra Expert.”

– Course Content :

  • Residential Vastu
  • Commercial Vastu
  • Geo Anatomy Vastu
  • Vedic Vastu
  • Devtas and 45 energy fields
  • Five Elements
  • Basic Ayurveda Linking
  • Dowsing & Lot more

– Dates and Venue :

  • 21-24 November 2019 (Thursday to Sunday)
  • Venue: Hotel Le-Meridien, Windsor Place, New Delhi
  • Timings: 10 am to 5 pm

– Course Fee & Inclusions (Launching Fees and NO GST will be charged extra) :

  • Rs. 51000/- for 4 days (Next Batch will be of Rs.96000 including GST i.e. January 2020)
  • It includes Vastu Chakra Course Book, Vastu Chakra Tool, Vastu Chakra Options book, Magnetic Compass, Stationary Tools, Day Food/Snacks, etc
  • Its NON-Residential Course

– The uniqueness of this Course after 4 Days of class learning is* :

  • 3 Months of Follow up online via prerecorded videos.
  • Dedicated Support Forum
  • Ready to use Promotional Material
  • Access to 100+ hours of Video Content
  • Access to 10000+ posts content
  • Course Upgration / Repetetion via Master Meets in future

– PS :

  • Advance Fee of Rs. 15000/- is Required for the booking of your seat … call me in case you got some delay in payment OR want to pay in parts
  • If u are already Teaching ANY Occult subject i.e. Astrology, Numerology Tarot,Vastu, reiki ETC. … Please don’t join this course without talking to us, as this is not teacher training course but a course to make one a Professional Vastu Consultant.
  • Seats are limited and Ist preference is to Numero Masters & those who are not into Trainings

– This Course is NOT Teacher Training Course or not intended for those who are into Teaching of Occult Science or Content Copiers πŸ™‚ .. we’ll not give u entry to the class if we found you are doing that, so please declare that before u submit ur fees or enroll for course.
– This Course is only intended for People who wish to become Professional Consultants in Vastu Shastra / Chakra.


* These are approx. we may add or reduce any inputs from it.

Available on backorder


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Available on backorder


  • Seats are limited and once sold out here we cant accommodate any more entries.
  • for any clarification , message me directly at 769-666-6666
  • We reserve the rights to use your videos and images that are clicked in the classroom on our youtube channels, facebook groups and pages for Students reference, if you don’t want to go by that, then PLEASE don’t apply for the course.
  • All the content is Copyrighted, and we reserve the ownership of the same, You can’t teach or steal the concept. If your intentions are malefic, then please don’t apply you are doing the wrong course. And even if you do it we’ll obviously tell the world you are our student :).

Word >> OCCULT and OCCULTMASTER << are our Copyrights, SO please refrain using them

Be honest to your teacher & knowledge you imbibe, God will certainly shower the blessing on you!

Next batch in 2020

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