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What is Devta & Isht Devta

Description Devta is a giver who gives the desired but you need to understand how. Devta word has come out of a word ‘Devatava’ implies essence of a Dev/deity, including his/her qualities, belief, and conduct. The Devta you follow or worship activates these three qualities inside you that reflect in your behaviour and approaches. For …

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Reality of Nadi Dosh?

Reality of Nadi Dosh?

Description Aadi, Madhya, and Antya are three essential Nadis in Horoscope that are actually Ida, Pingala & Sushmuna. If Nadi Dosh is present in Kundali, it subtracts 8 points out of 36 while matchmaking. Half Nadi of both male & female forms a Nadi Dosh that results in either no childbirth or physical problems. In …

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Maa Panchanguli Devi Mantra

Description Panchanguli Devi is the deity of five fingers/panch ungali. Panchanguli Devi Sadhna is very rare, powerful but secret. Sidhi of Panchanguli Devi makes the Sadhak Trikaldarshi and the Sadhaka becomes able to predict one’s past, present & future by shaking hand merely. Learn the Panchanguli Devi Mantra from Pt. Rahul Kaushal Ji. Download MP3 …

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Opinion vs Interest

Description Difference of opinion and difference of heart are two secrets of life that differentiate you from others. If you don’t really like someone then you need to analyze that there is difference of opinion between you and that person or difference of heart, for example, you may like congress and that person may like …

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