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All about EFT – emotional freedom technique

What is EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique

Description The ‘emotional freedom technique’ (EFT) is a simple yet powerful enough method of energy healing, often confers quick results. The technique corresponds to the meridian energetic system, thus wards off the emotional, physical, and mental distress. As per Chinese medicine, the human body works directly with these energy meridians (Nadis) that sway our physical, …

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Who is Aghori

Description A + Ghor = Aghori, a simplest form of Shiva Sadhaks. Ghor means terrible, harmful & dense and Aghori means antonyms of Ghor means clear, simple, great, & safe. The process of becoming a Sidh Aghori is of 12 years throughout which they learn the life essence, forgetting & forgiving. Aghoris have an own …

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